I have been in this industry for Forty years. I enjoy grooming and developing raw talent.

My Biography:

    Richard has enjoyed a colorful variety of work experiences that have added up to a wonderful career in the "creative and entertainment industry".
His first job out of college was in the field of advertising. This was exciting and rewarding. His first position was in the production / traffic dept. of Compton Advertising, one of P&G's main agencies. Here Richard learned how to take an ad from concept to completion. He was responsible for each of the steps on the "ad's" way to becoming an "ad", including the selection of models and the choice of photographers. This was a very "hands on job" in its day. Making friends in each of the ad agency's departments, i.e. copywriting, art direction, account handling and of course production, led to a rapid rise in ranks, culminating in the responsibilities of art direction and creative. Richard had received many industry awards for his work, not the least of which was his CLIO. Some of the accounts he worked on were: "Wind Song", "Cachet", and "Sun Shower" brands of product from Prince Machiabeli; "Triumph", "Land Rover", and "Spitfire" models of cars from British Leyland Motors; and of course countless consumer products from Proctor & Gamble.

   The years of experience paid off when Richard left the advertising agency business in 1980 to form his first model agency, "Pretty People Model Management, Inc.". "Pretty People" proved to be an innovator in the model agency business. Having all this advertising background, Richard designed his agency around the needs of the advertisers. Those are the real clients, the people who spend millions and millions of dollars to create a brand and move products off the shelves and into people's homes

   Each model portfolio was created to look like a work assignments in advertising. He had each of the photographers shoot the models exactly like a job, and not a test. These were photographers that Richard had been accustomed to working with in adverting so, they were egger to help in the formation of his modeling agency. Some of the photographers that Pretty People was privileged to worked with were: Richard Avedon, Francesco Scavullo, Carmine Sciavone, Gerard Gentil, Walter Chin, Robert Mapplethorpe, Ken Hack, Ken Young, Harold Kieger, Nancy Brown, Barbara Bordnick, Peter Lindberg and of course Patrick and Steven just to name a few.

   With such extremely powerful and noted photographers shooting models at Pretty People, it was no surprise that the agency took off like a rocket and lasted nearly twenty years. Expansion was inevitable in the life of Pretty People so in 1990 a partnership was generated with Jean Jacque DuBane and specialty agencies were formed: "HommesFemmes" men / women fashion division; "everydaypeople" commercial division; and "Bambini" children's division.

   In 1998, Richard formed a new company, "richardfrancisrep" which had represented experienced and emerging photographers for work shooting advertising and magazine editorials. It didn't seem to matter that Richard was no longer officially in the model agency business; didn't maintain his office on Fifth Avenue, or any avenue for that matter; people from all major model agencies, conventions and events sought his expertise and booked him for lectures, seminars and the judging of their local competitions. Invitations from MAAI, IMTA, AMTC, Barbizon, Connections and ITS came without reservation; just as if he never left the business. So the formation of another new company became necessary, "Richard Francis Management", for the sole purpose of: scouting, grooming, and developing new models for placement with model agencies all over the world.

   Richard Francis Management is responsible for the discovery and subsequent placement of many new faces now seen at some of the world's most prominent model agencies. He enjoys speaking with new young people about the business. He has an odd sense of humor and a gripping handle on the everyday activities of the fashion industry. Richard is a regular at the "Tents" in New York and Miami for Fashion Week and has been know to mingle with more than a few designers and models. With the formation of Richard Francis Management also came the addition of: actors, spokesmodels and TV Hosts. This added area allows for the expansion of total career building and is one of the most rapidly growing and rewarding divisions in the company.

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